It takes it all skills and pills

Hello All .  I see that very many of you have stopped in to see my site I finally put up !

Thanks for the encouragement.  For those that are new and just finding me, small breakdown.

Mom of 4 currently – 2 girls 2 boys – one unknown still due March 4, 2018.

I work full time out side of them home, that me and my fiancée share.

I purchased this home 3 years ago from when our daughter was born.

My oldest son lives with us now, my youngest son went to live with his father when we split up 3 years back.   It was a long time coming. I wish him the best.

My oldest daughter is now 21 and lives with her boyfriend and their gorgeous little girl NoraBelle.  She is 3 weeks younger than my youngest daughter  🙂  Same nurse delivered them both how cool is that, her name is Courtney.   lol

She comes over weekly to play with her aunt and us.  Her other grandmother lives super close as well, so she babysits as well.

I am not crunchy – or maybe I am I do not like to be labeled I should say.   My daughter wears clothe diapers, due to never running out at 3 am for diapers, diaper rashes.  Cuteness and SOOO much better for the environment.      I did try breast-feeding with this child as well as the others, but i do not sadly have the patience so I lose out 😦 i will try with this child as well.

I seem to think this child is a boy, it is a feeling that I am receiving when i think of him.  I don’t say he or she any longer I now tell him.  A few of the older women that i work with as well state that i do look like i am carrying a boy.  I guess as long as it is healthy does not really matter.  Plus it would make daddy’s day.  One of each for him.

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