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REVIEW •HAIR•. Living Proof • Styler In Shower

REVIEW •HAIR•. Living Proof • Styler In Shower

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After I wash/condition and rinse my hair, I apply a dime size amount and massage in from roots down. Let set usually while I apply face wash and rinse all at once.

Style my hair wet and go about my day.

A little goes along way with this product.

I have long hair to the middle of my back.

Definitely a worthy purchase.

Buy here at Living Proof.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5

Reviews Make Up Boxes

Nails – Everyone likes it some what

I use to try to kid myself and always say you don’t like fake nails or have to have your nails painted.  Well I really don’t like the fake nails, I DO LOVE to have my nails painted.  I am not total girly girl my toes and finger have to match or anything. In fact I like when they are the same shades or like black and orange, black and red, blue and yellow, blue and red, you know like that, if I have that much time to put into painting them.

anyhow I was gifted a few months back a nail day.  It was so nice and I received Gel Nail polish.  I fell in love, but not when I seen the price.  OUCH

I started googling and looking for coupons.  I have a Sally’s membership, so I waited till I had enough in coupons and bought a Nail LED light.  Super Cheap after rewards and 75% coupon I paid $19 I think for it.  I received a nice little kit with it. Base polish, 2 colors, top coat.  The Soak off Gel and the dehydrate and wipe off solution.  I started shopping on EBAY – gosh it takes a month to receive the polish but they are a $1.00 to $3.00 a bottle and  a lot of sellers if you buy 3 or 4 then you get 1 free.  Shopping is usually almost always free.

Great deal right ?   These are some of the polishes I order and THIS is where i order some from.



For my soak off I now use a Gel Remover by OPI of course was bought on EBAY as well.  BUY HERE.


I bought the pink finger tip caps for the soak off solution – you fill clear portion with solution soak then peel off.  Nice easy removal.  I bought these on EBAY as well but i am not sure who through and not in my records any longer.

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Birch Box – AMIKA

I do love my subscription boxes I swear they are awesome.  I am no make up pro by far, but I do like make up and do appreciate the pros and their you tube videos to help me !


That brings me to Birchbox and Ipsy.  I subscribe to both and both  I really do like equally.  Totally different boxes for sure and content inside.  I am happy with the content.  It was hard to choose only two boxes to subscribe too !  Sephora Play! was so close.  I am not to impressed with their whole line anyhow and I receive Smash Box Lords and Ash Urban Decay in these boxes as well.

I received some dry shampoo a few months back in BirchboxAMIKA is the brand.  This month September Birch box I received The Texture Spray OMG I LOVE the brand the products love it all.   Every thing should be hyperlinked so you can go straight to the product.

Birchbox is only $10 a month and so joy full I will post a picture below so that you can see the awesome things you receive.

Reviews Make Up Boxes

BirchBox August 2017

I have to start with I love ❤️Birchbox I was so skeptical of these monthly subscriptions with samples. The sample sizes are awesome – gives you plenty to sample to determine wether you would like full size or not. You can purchase them through Birchbox and earn rewards points to use on products -AND- your monthly subscription charge rewards you with points as well 👍. How do you top that ?!? For real 😳

I absolutely love this hair care 👏

Would defiantly give it a try. I have purchased full size !

Reviews Make Up Boxes

Make Up Hair Nails Skin …..

I decided a few months back that I was tired of researching and shopping countless stores to never find what I liked or could not part with the large amount of money for something I did not know if I would enjoy

Now I belong to Ipsy, Birchbox, and Lip Monthly.  I have thought of doing Sephora Play, those reviews though   OUCH killed it.   I did not sign up for the reviews alone.   I love Birchbox they send out the best samples to fit your profile. 

This week I will get you my reviews for Ipsy Birchbox , waiting for my first Lip Monthly, which  I am sure I will love since I have the most beautiful lips ever !