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Nails and Polish

I like to be girly, if I could get a whole afternoon on how to apply my makeup to my face, it would be awesome.   Have at least $100 to spend on some new polish and nail art decals stickers.   I just bought some off Ebay, nail art stickers.  I kinda like them.  I have tried it with two different types of polish  OPI was NOT successful.   Too thick of a polish for sure.  I will take a picture real quick with this crappy camera to show you.  I used Wet & Wild green – Maybelline Midnight Shimmer black with glitter/shimmer.

Well not with this crappy camera i will do it and upload it later into comments or such.  Anyhow i love the cheap 99 cent Nail Art Stickers that i used from China.

That was the extent of my day, actually pretty fun. Madison was good enough to let me get that done but we just sat around the rest of the time doing nothing, watching tv.   It was so fun.  I love her.  She is the best.


That is the from the other night at story time.  Princess book – YES i believe in letting my kids believe in fantasy life.  Why not ?  Screw you and shut TF Up ! This is my kid.  Yeah i am tired of having everyone’s opinion pushed on me, specially parenting wise.   This is my 5th pregnancy, kinda gotta an idea what I am doing.

I am so excited that in 1 month and 2 days Madison will be one ! I cannot believe it.  THis year has gone by so fast.  She grew up so quick, wow, she is a big sister almost.  I am sure she will be the best too.  I never really see my grand-daughter that much, more my choice I guess.  Two babies at the same time that are only a month apart O M G it is hard as hell.  Plus it seems that we have a lot planned out with the boys this fall, which i have been enjoying Lucas wanting to be around.  THis weekend we are going to a corn maze that is 7 acres hay rides (4 total) pig races ??? pumpkin patches, face painting, 25 ft slide in the air, all kinds of food and fun stuff and shopping !!!  Cannot wait to go Sunday.



Tiny Win Update

I will take any win that I can get with this pregnancy.  It has been rough that is for sure, it will though get better, I do have the confidence.   My OB doctor is good i  need to be more open and understanding that I cannot have the world exactly how i want it all the time at the snap of my fingers.  Why – I do not understand I cannot have it LMAO.

Anyhow OB baby doctor tells me today that I am not doing good and I should be at better.  I am at 163, I have not lost of gained – I think I am not sure i cant really see my records for each individual weight check in.

I have good hydration she said, that is good ! Nothing in my urine that i would be bad for me or Mason.

She did tell me that if i go back to triage for  fluids more than twice in a months time, she is requesting a home health nurse for me and a Zofran drip, I am so DAMN scared so I don’t care how much  i puke up i continue to drink so i am hydrated.  If i feel bad I will not call and tell them.  I will just buck up and shut up.

Mason is doing great.  She didn’t seem worried about him at all that always make me feel great.

She did talk to me about stress and my life and that she feels that i need to be home and is glad that my therapist is getting me disability.  I did not know at my appointment this am that my therapist is going to be gone for a couple of weeks, she has a family emergency in another state.  i hope all is well for her, she is helping me see things i never saw before  and actually truly understand a bit more how I am having  the feelings I have now.  I do not like it but at least now i am aware.  So i can work on it and fix it all slowly or cope with it well.  I do see my psychiatrist this week or psychologist, whichever prescribes meds or she is a nurse practitioner. I do not know maybe she can help me file some paperwork, I hope.  anyhow my doctor today Dr. Craig said she was not putting a request through for disability if my therapist is. so i guess one way it will get done.

Anyhow i do not have to be back till October 11 !  That is more than one week , I graduated from weekly visits to bi weekly.  I am only 17 weeks 5 days, s this will get old quick , doing this all the time till 40 weeks.


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Ok I am very happy and content with being pregnant.  It is awesome , I know that I am special that there is many women out there that would give anything to be in my shoes.

I get it – HG hypermesis OMG is no fun 😦  I think I am just dieing.  My anxiety is a million times worse.  I cannot concentrate or be treated for it since I am pregnant.  My anxiety depression is worsening cause I  cannot control anything.  Then to top it off, I have a very high paced high demanding job !

I do work for an awesome company, so I think that it is short-term disability, that I am applying for or actually did today with my doctor.  She is awesome like that.   She helped me out with so much, not just work related, but she remembers things I told her from so long ago.  I am not used to people listening to me.  It makes me feel so special.

I go for my check up weekly this Friday, I have been weighing my self everyday at 9 AM, noonish, and 7-8 PM.  I have not lost a pound !  I also have not gained a pound, I still have 4 days to get some weight on also.



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By the hair of my chinny chin chin

“Man on Fire”  – wow what a movie .   I have loved it been in the top 5 forever.  Watching it today – pregnant hormonal, OMG I am bawling mess.  What the hell, I am over the hormones and emotions.   I saw “Fried Green Tomatoes” for the first time ever a few weeks back – yes I said weekS) and I am still bawling over the beautiful story and friendship and love.

OK so squirrel. You will notice soon the my ADD or ADHD or whatever the hell it is, kicks in quickly and often.  Specially now that I am not allowed to take ANY meds to help with it.  If you are just tuning in I am 4.5 months pregnant.  Crazy right ?  Yeah I am crazy, they wont diagnose me that way, but I am.  Haha.    Anyhow, today was my therapist appointment, she is a doctor but not a MD. Anyhow, she is awesome I am sorry that it took all my life to get to her.  She understands me completely. she makes me feel normal than I normally do.  Yes that is possible.  Any hoo, today she started me the process of being placed on STD (short-term disability).  Unless they can get my FMLA in order.  That was a huge relief for me and my life, right now, I am just on the edge of it all.  Letting go of everything.  My body is just wore out and I do not think that I maybe shouldn’t have had another so quick.  Oh well.  Lesson learned cannot change it now and my fiancée is so happy.  In love with the idea of a son coming in March 2018.

It will be nice, I can do some classes and take me time before the baby arrives.  I have been cleaning like crazy, oh geesh, that was a whole another post.  You would think that I was going to go into labor soon, haha, I am wore out energy depleted but somehow I find the gumption to clean and clean but I only do it once every 2 weeks. my fiancée does the majority I am so lucky.  he takes care of the baby the dogs the kids and the house as I sit around about not being able to eat stop puking and being miserable.

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What a day !

Crykies !   It is only 4:37 PM.  Nooo !   It hasn’t been that bad, just one of those days were you wake up feeling like a rusted out, faded as hell no longer shiny blue, Mac truck hit you and backed up a few times.   Sometimes that just happens.  I did not choose to try to eat, so that I could lessen the chance of vomiting and it worked !   Madison kept me on my toes today, she is a busy bee now that she is walking.  She makes me smile so.

I have a few pics of her this AM that made me smile so big that I wanted to share.

Hope that you enjoy much as I do.