This is today … not yesterday , not tomorrow !

I should be napping, but then we never really do what we should be doing.  I need to be getting the house ready for the winter with the Madison walking now.  She understands the word NO well. I tell her maybe twice and she will stand there and stare me down (super cute by the way) but she does not do it again or continue to do it anymore.  Lets hope that keeps up right ?!?  lol yes !

She has been home with me Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and today. It has been so awesome I am so blessed. When I am sick it kind of stinks , but she helps force me to get up every day like I should get dressed and try my best ! I need the biggest emoji right there. IN 4 days we have a schedule down within 30 minutes each day.   Except the time she wakes up, the earliest I have had is 8 am but the latest I

She does own my heart and it is going to be so strange with another soon tugging at this heart. I am blessed though with some already great kiddies !   They all have such true great hearts.  My fiancé as well.  I am so lucky.   I sit here at the mini snack bar in my dining area on my laptop drinking my soda, debating which restaurant to go to for my birthday and my sons, I am so spoiled.  I have had the most weirdest pregnancy cravings – look at this delishes _ OMG puke – usually for me.  Hot dog from the gas station with relish onion, mustard, ketchup, yum yum.



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