Tiny Win Update

I will take any win that I can get with this pregnancy.  It has been rough that is for sure, it will though get better, I do have the confidence.   My OB doctor is good i  need to be more open and understanding that I cannot have the world exactly how i want it all the time at the snap of my fingers.  Why – I do not understand I cannot have it LMAO.

Anyhow OB baby doctor tells me today that I am not doing good and I should be at better.  I am at 163, I have not lost of gained – I think I am not sure i cant really see my records for each individual weight check in.

I have good hydration she said, that is good ! Nothing in my urine that i would be bad for me or Mason.

She did tell me that if i go back to triage for  fluids more than twice in a months time, she is requesting a home health nurse for me and a Zofran drip, I am so DAMN scared so I don’t care how much  i puke up i continue to drink so i am hydrated.  If i feel bad I will not call and tell them.  I will just buck up and shut up.

Mason is doing great.  She didn’t seem worried about him at all that always make me feel great.

She did talk to me about stress and my life and that she feels that i need to be home and is glad that my therapist is getting me disability.  I did not know at my appointment this am that my therapist is going to be gone for a couple of weeks, she has a family emergency in another state.  i hope all is well for her, she is helping me see things i never saw before  and actually truly understand a bit more how I am having  the feelings I have now.  I do not like it but at least now i am aware.  So i can work on it and fix it all slowly or cope with it well.  I do see my psychiatrist this week or psychologist, whichever prescribes meds or she is a nurse practitioner. I do not know maybe she can help me file some paperwork, I hope.  anyhow my doctor today Dr. Craig said she was not putting a request through for disability if my therapist is. so i guess one way it will get done.

Anyhow i do not have to be back till October 11 !  That is more than one week , I graduated from weekly visits to bi weekly.  I am only 17 weeks 5 days, s this will get old quick , doing this all the time till 40 weeks.


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