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Ok I am very happy and content with being pregnant.  It is awesome , I know that I am special that there is many women out there that would give anything to be in my shoes.

I get it – HG hypermesis OMG is no fun 😦  I think I am just dieing.  My anxiety is a million times worse.  I cannot concentrate or be treated for it since I am pregnant.  My anxiety depression is worsening cause I  cannot control anything.  Then to top it off, I have a very high paced high demanding job !

I do work for an awesome company, so I think that it is short-term disability, that I am applying for or actually did today with my doctor.  She is awesome like that.   She helped me out with so much, not just work related, but she remembers things I told her from so long ago.  I am not used to people listening to me.  It makes me feel so special.

I go for my check up weekly this Friday, I have been weighing my self everyday at 9 AM, noonish, and 7-8 PM.  I have not lost a pound !  I also have not gained a pound, I still have 4 days to get some weight on also.



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