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By the hair of my chinny chin chin

“Man on Fire”  – wow what a movie .   I have loved it been in the top 5 forever.  Watching it today – pregnant hormonal, OMG I am bawling mess.  What the hell, I am over the hormones and emotions.   I saw “Fried Green Tomatoes” for the first time ever a few weeks back – yes I said weekS) and I am still bawling over the beautiful story and friendship and love.

OK so squirrel. You will notice soon the my ADD or ADHD or whatever the hell it is, kicks in quickly and often.  Specially now that I am not allowed to take ANY meds to help with it.  If you are just tuning in I am 4.5 months pregnant.  Crazy right ?  Yeah I am crazy, they wont diagnose me that way, but I am.  Haha.    Anyhow, today was my therapist appointment, she is a doctor but not a MD. Anyhow, she is awesome I am sorry that it took all my life to get to her.  She understands me completely. she makes me feel normal than I normally do.  Yes that is possible.  Any hoo, today she started me the process of being placed on STD (short-term disability).  Unless they can get my FMLA in order.  That was a huge relief for me and my life, right now, I am just on the edge of it all.  Letting go of everything.  My body is just wore out and I do not think that I maybe shouldn’t have had another so quick.  Oh well.  Lesson learned cannot change it now and my fiancée is so happy.  In love with the idea of a son coming in March 2018.

It will be nice, I can do some classes and take me time before the baby arrives.  I have been cleaning like crazy, oh geesh, that was a whole another post.  You would think that I was going to go into labor soon, haha, I am wore out energy depleted but somehow I find the gumption to clean and clean but I only do it once every 2 weeks. my fiancée does the majority I am so lucky.  he takes care of the baby the dogs the kids and the house as I sit around about not being able to eat stop puking and being miserable.

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