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Birch Box – AMIKA

I do love my subscription boxes I swear they are awesome.  I am no make up pro by far, but I do like make up and do appreciate the pros and their you tube videos to help me !


That brings me to Birchbox and Ipsy.  I subscribe to both and both  I really do like equally.  Totally different boxes for sure and content inside.  I am happy with the content.  It was hard to choose only two boxes to subscribe too !  Sephora Play! was so close.  I am not to impressed with their whole line anyhow and I receive Smash Box Lords and Ash Urban Decay in these boxes as well.

I received some dry shampoo a few months back in BirchboxAMIKA is the brand.  This month September Birch box I received The Texture Spray OMG I LOVE the brand the products love it all.   Every thing should be hyperlinked so you can go straight to the product.

Birchbox is only $10 a month and so joy full I will post a picture below so that you can see the awesome things you receive.

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