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Life … WTF

OK so I want a do over.  Is that possible ?  That should always be an option.

Life is just a word I cannot say, or do not know it is so mysterious.  Grand and lovely.  Beautiful and deadly.  Painful and joyful.

I spent 2 days in the hospital last week.  Still do not feel any better.  Imagine that.  My nutrient levels are ok  except my potassium.  It is always low.  Hey what do you expect I throw up 2 -6 times a day.  Unexpectedly.   Yeah freaking awesome aren’t you so jealous.  Zofran does not work. Tipan does not work. Phenegran does not work – allergic to it. Diglegis does not work.  The patch behind my ear does not either.  While coming through IV, I puke.

My therapist has helped ! She contacted my HR case worker and OMG everything has appeared and my case is moving along now !  OF course after my situation is so much worse now.  I am now going to therapy 2 times a week, checking in by phone.   Gosh I am so lucky I see my OBGYN once a week, my therapist 2 times a week AND work woot and be a mom and housekeeper and errand runner.  Wonder why my state of mind ?   Really?

Well of to aqua class, my second one today.  It is so relaxing, but also energizing.  The one place I have found that I can tune my head and the world out.

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