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10 Months old

Time flies by so quick.  Pregnancy seems to drag and drag, but man do they grow up quick.    Madison Grace started walking last month at 9 months old and had only 5 teeth.  Today at 10 months she has a total of 5 on top and 4 on bottom !   She is so progressed, this is just crazy.   It is the most adorable thing ever to see her hobble walk across the floor.  Makes my heart melt into a million pieces.  She is so sweet.  The most innocent blue eyes crystal clear like the sky.  Full of hope inspiration and beauty.  The smile that outshines any star.

We took some 10 month pictures this past weekend.

She has so much personality, can you tell ?   lol   That first photo is so me mommy.  She is a spitting image of my baby pictures.   My other daughter does not look a thing like me.

Daddy and Madison.   They are best friends.  It is so awesome to see his smile around her.  I canot not  wait for Mason to get here and see his face then as well.  He is the best father ever.  His love is so great.  His heart is the best.

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