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What Up

It has been a bit since I have had time to post.

Not even really for Face Book either – you know you are busy lol . Maybe a God  send.

Pregnancy – wow it is a rough super power to have.  Sick, Sick, vomit, tired, vomit, and vomit.  Repeat.  That is what my days consist of.  As while I am working 10.5 hour days tied to a phone.  (Call center).  No fun.  I work for a good company they are very slow about accommodating any pregnancy though  I am pretty sure that I am being discriminated against because of my pregnancy.   Or my case worker is just really that incompetent of a person.   Actually you know as I type it is not that great – it has caused so much more stress and severe anxiety and making the sickness of my pregnancy so much worse.


I am having such a hard time with adjusting and seeming to be cared about and needed.  I know they all do, but hey I am a pregnant hormonal woman. Maybe this will pan out and feel better soon  🙂


The kids are doing wonderful  my oldest son is finally getting his grades situated last year his freshman year was hard on him.  This year I am micro managing him and his school work, so I hope for him to exceed or just do well this year, he needs that GPA, plus a chance at scholarships would be nice for him or just college period.


He has started working with his sister and seems to like it.   He only can work one day a week, but he seems to love the money, so that is all that matters and he is learning to be a responsible person.  Funny to watch a 15-year-old boy with his money.  He does well managing it and buys other people things his sisters and brothers.  He is such a great person, I love him so much.

I have to start making him do chores soon and I am not ready for that. I have babies him so long.




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