Save Money


So i am huge into saving money, since bam i am pregnant again.

On your smart phone download two important apps.   Wal-Mart and Shopkick , if you use my links I get credit   Just saying    🙂

Anyhow, I do not use Ibotta and them ONLY because I am a bargain shopper. I know that not all has to be name brands, store brands in almost all things are just the same quality. I learned to read labels.  Ibotta is scanning name brand receipt purchases.

Scan every receipt from Wal-Mart purchases (and if see any on the parking lot grounds) I pick them up and scan them too.  In your WalMart app there is the savings catcher.  That is where you upload them.  The app automatically scans all surrounding stores for price match.  If there is any price match – the app notifies you and gives you the difference on a WalMart gift card .  How freaking cool is that ?!?!?  Seriously.

Last year when I was on Maternity leave it paid for our groceries a few times – mind you feeding a teen age boys and man boy (LOL love my fiancée) and a pregnant women.

I think my total savings was $90 something wal mart gave me for scanning reciepts my purchases they know I purchased anyhow.


Next is shopkick   use this link please for credits to me.  If you don’t – at least remember to send your friends and family links to join so that you can get some credits.

When you walk into certain stores (just to name a few)  Carters – Wal-Mart – Kroger – stores at the mall all kinds of places you get these things called Kicks when you spend your money in these stores as well you receive kicks as well for each amount spent, after a certain amount, you can donate the money earned to charities or cash in for gift cards to places, GAP Starbucks Target WalMart, all kinds of online stores as well.

You can also earn kicks by scanning certain products trough out the stores as well.

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