Early Early Morning

Ok so being pregnant Yes – is a blessing. I n=understand the many women that cannot.

For real thought the throwing up daily multiple times each day. Feeling miserable 24/7.  Just wanting to sleep non stop – no appetite.  Anything that i swallow liquids texture whatever comes right back up.  They have tried all medicine for me that there is the patch behind my ear as well.  Nothing works, I puke as I am laying in the hospital bed with IV’s of medicine pumping into me and nothing working.

Anyhow my doctor who is pretty cool I do like her the more and more i see her.  I saw her for our 10 month old as well (almost 10 month) – did not care for her then.  Must of been me or she learned a better way to deal with me.   Ha, who knows.  Any who she stated that if  I DO loose anymore weight by my appointment Sept 6, she will admit me and they will reset my body – it did NOT sound fun at all and I am doing all i can do to gain weight.  I am about to wear weights under my clothes.  She only is giving me 2 weeks to gain weight  I spent 2 days of those getting recharged in triage unit.  vitamin bags and hydration bags solution.

When I go back on the 6th, we will also find out what we are having I am soooo excited ! Even though I am pretty sure it is a boy.  Long as he/she is healthy healthy healthy right !?

Well I should try to get some sleep somehow.  I have Madison all day by myself so NO nap time.  Till she naps. I might have to get a anvil and knock my self out when she lays down.

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